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MyBlazon offers a unique way to create coat of arms for each students of a class. This could be super original for the YearBook page !

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About MyBlazon for Schools

MyBlazon for Schools is a set of resources with high pedagogical impact to introduce several notions in the classroom. Relevant topics are History,Arts, Design, Language and a bit of Math!

Heraldry is a set of rules and a common visual language that provides everyone with a unique graphical identity. Its applications extend far beyond the realms of medieval knights and noble families. Heraldry can be an invaluable motivational tool for teachers, not only to introduce a lesson on medieval Europe but also to offer students the opportunity to reflect on their values and benefit from a creative and visually appealing logo or signature. The rules of heraldry, combined with our own style, allow for a cohesive set of visuals.

Reflecting on one's core values has been proven to bolster self-esteem, which is an important factor in promoting well-being and later learning achievement.

How does it work ?

MyBlazon for school revolves around classes. The person in charge (a teacher, a professor, a member of the staff...) creates a virtual classroom to gather all shields created by the students and retrieve the distinctive 6-letters-code (like 123ABC) for the class.

This code shall be communicated to all students of the class. Each student, upon visiting the website (from a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone), can create a shield and link it to the class. This can be done anonymously. There is no need to create an account, enter an email. The student just creates her shield, give it her name, and uses the classcode. The teachers (or any admin responsible for the class) can then manage the gathered shields, print a "contact sheet" with all pictures, download one specific picture or all of them at once.