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The unicorn is one of the most common heraldic charges which draw on supernatural and fictional animals. Its symbolism is particularly rich due to its wide appreciation in the Middle Ages: it stands for purity, strength, courage and virtue.


Unicorns are associated with the light of the moon as well as the "light" of love, harmony, and understanding. In Medieval Europe, this gentle creature stood in opposition to the lion, which is aligned with more forceful solar influences.


The unicorn's horn has magical healing powers and was a popular ingredient in medieval medicines. It is a potent antidote to poison in food and water and when worn (in jewelry, for example) it will protect from evil.


The all-white unicorn is an emblem of virtue, chastity, and purity. Legend has it that you can capture a unicorn only by luring it with a maiden. Sensing her purity, the unicorn will approach and lay its head in her lap.

unicorn is also a symbol of courage, strength, virtue, purity, ferocity.